Creating an email

In this section we'll go over how you actually get started with creating an email when all have been setup correctly with Base, Blocks, Merge Tags and Integrations

When you've got all the fundamentals right, setup your Base, blocks, Merge Tags and Integration, you're ready to start creating some emails with it.

Step 1

In the lobby, Click the button saying "New email" in the top right corner.

Step 2

You'll be redirected to a page where you need to type in the name of the email and choose which Template to use. Click "Save" when you're satisfied with your choose (the name of the email can always be changed later).

Step 3

You'll start off with a fresh Template ready to insert Blocks into it and all settings set to their default state.

Step 4

Start editing the content, by changing the settings in the right-side and drag&drop Blocks into the "Base" in the right side. Some settings can be done on the Base, affecting the "frame" of the template, or even individual blocks. In this example, clicking the tab "Base settings" in the right side, we're able to turn off the menu header at the top.

Switching the Tab in the right side back to "Blocks" we're able to choose from a variety of Blocks, designed for this Template.

In this example we'll be inserting the Block, called "Article" from the right side and drag&drop it into the Base. That should leave us with something looking like this, seeing all the settings we have available for that particular Block in the right side.

Now playing around with those settings in the right side, we can start to see we can alter how the Block looks like, however only to the degree that the Developer/Designer has allowed us to change.

This process can be repeated, altered and continued for an indefinite number of Blocks. It is adviced for safety reasons to click the "Save" button as you go along with your content creation.

Step 5

When you're happy with the outcome, you're able to view how it will all look on Desktop and Mobil devices at the top, and you can safely click the "Review" button to advance to the last stage - the "Review page".

Here you're able to do a series of things, but most importantly you're able to click the "Export" button in the top right side and it will automatically send your email to your Email Service Provider(ESP).

Settings on this page

  • Preview the email in Desktop and Mobile view

  • Go back and edit the email

  • Clone the email

  • Export the email

  • Change the name of the email

  • Change the folder an email belongs to

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