Select inputs are used for when you want to give the user options to choose from.

Works great for:

  • Alignment - Provide the allowed text alignments (i.e. left, center, right).

  • Colors - Provide a list of available colors to choose from (i.e. brand colors), for example for a CTA button background.

  • Text Sizes - Give the marketeer an option to change text size (i.e. small, medium, large), between some preselected and approved values.

  • Market/Country - Use one Template for all markets/countries/languages, and allow the marketeer to change it per email. Works best as setting on Base so it can be applied to the entire Template.

Template Editor

When creating a new Select input, you will be able to add the predefined options. The Value of the selected option will be outputted in the liquid variable. You can set a default value to be preselected using the Advanced Options for the input.

Notice how with Select we can wrap other code bits into a Liquid statement like so:

{% if my_input_group_name.my_background_color == 'red' %}
  <td style="background-color: red">
   {% else %}
   <td style="background-color: green">
    {% endif %}

Email Editor

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