Alpaco is much more than a email builder, HTML or CSS, it's a way to systemize and manage your brand, design rules, data-integrations, languages, all those small details needed for an email template.

Only users with role Designer or Admin can access and edit Base

A template consist of the following elements:

When creating an email, the user first selects the name and which Template to use for that particular email. All the options, settings, design and Blocks are all contained and confined within that template. The design rules are based on the universal language Liquid and opens up for immense possibilities.

It's within and between the Base and these Blocks, design-rules, data-rules and others are defined.

Template Editor

The Template Editor is divided into 3 panels:

  • Left panel - is a menu where you can navigate between the Base and Blocks. By Clicking the + button here you create a new Block.

  • Center panel - this is where HTML, CSS and Liquid rules are inserted and highlighted.

  • Right panel - this is where all input types are chosen, named, grouped and configured. From here you can insert different inputs like images, text, links and similar values.


The Base is the foundation of the Template. Think of it as the foundation or the wrapper, from which users can insert Blocks into. The Base consist of HTML/CSS and usually contains tags like <html> and <head> but also usually things shared across emails (such as a header with logo or a footer with social links).

The Base will always be found in the Left panel at the top.

Content Placement

  1. Click the Base in the Left panel.

  2. Insert your entire template code into the Center panel.

  3. Scroll down into the template code in the Center panel and locate where, you in a moment, want to insert Blocks. There you must insert the following Liquid tag {{ blocks }}.

  4. In the Right panel, Give the Base a compelling name, and a key, like "template", "foundation" or simply "base".

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