Escape code from the editor

Sometimes you want to display something for the editor, but have some other code executed on export, or sometimes you just want the code editor to leave your delicate ESP specific variables alone

We know how important your code is to you and the slightest little mistake can be detrimental to your output. So we've created two tags for you that each serves their purpose.

Raw code

This tag tells the editor to disregard whatever is within in. The code won't be displayed for the Editor, but it will be inserted again at export. This is useful when you have something you don't want the user to interact with under any circumstances, but still have it in the export.

{% raw %}
// This is not shown in the Editor but only at export for the ESP
{% endraw %}

Preview only

This tag give you some options to show something in the editor, but have something else displayed at export. This is particular useful for something like product variables or a recommended feed. You can have something neat and informative displayed for the user, but at the export have all the necessary variables injected that the user should not see.

{% if preview_only == true %}
// This is shown in the Editor for visual purposes
{% else %}
// But this is what's actually exported for the ESP
{% endif %}

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