Input Types

In Alpaco you can have many different input types, separated or grouped together to form sets of settings.

These are the current allowed Input Types:

  • Text String

    - A single line of text with no formatting options.

  • Textarea

    - Multi-line text input with simple formatting options.

  • Select

    - Select/Dropdown of predefined values.

  • Boolean

    - On/off toggle/switch.

  • ​Image

    - Image upload or URL input.

How to get started?

Simply open up your Base or Block, depending on where you want your input, navigate to the Right panel, click the button called "Add input" and select your input type from the dropdown. Just like with Input Groups, the Name and Key needs to be inserted and given a proper name.

Notice the tag below the name, that's generated when you give your input a Key. Putting your cursor in the center panel and clicking the tag in the right panel will automatically insert the tag with correctly formatted syntax in the center panel for you.

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